Tax Servies

We provide the tax advisory services that enable clients to minimise their tax exposure worldwide. From assisting in planning transactions, investments, acquisitions and the legal structures of business ventures, to managing reporting, appeals, and settlements, we have the proven expertise that ensures effective delivery of tax advisory services meeting clients' business needs. We take an active approach to advising clients on tax matters. Our tax specialists monitor and analyse clients' business affairs and developments in international tax law, providing positive recommendations and decisive solutions to tax problems. Our approach ensures that clients can appropriately and judicially react to changes in tax law, defuse potential problems before they arise, and structure their business activities to maximise tax benefits.

Our tax advisory services fall into three broad categories:

Tax Planning

Our tax specialists keep clients' affairs under continuous review:

  • evaluating the impact of new developments in tax law and practice.
  • providing valuable input for planning and structuring business operations and ventures.
  • anticipating and solving tax problems.
Our approach stresses thorough knowledge of clients' business activities and affairs, and the industries and countries in which they are active.

In-Depth Consulting

We provide consultancy services covering a wide range of tax problems for both business and personal clients. Examples include:

  • The reorganization of companies to maximise tax benefits
  • The development of optimal tax structures for new ventures
  • The planning of acquisitions and the disposal of business assets.
Tax consultancy services are also offered as part of wider investigatory assignments, e.g. in the areas of corporate acquisitions or the public issue of shares.

Compliance and Reporting

We provide comprehensive assistance to corporate and personal clients, including:

  • filing tax returns, claims and exemption certificates
  • presentation before tax authorities
  • estimating tax liabilities and provisions
  • appealing tax assessments
  • monitoring tax payments
These services are especially valuable to multinationally operating firms faced with a myriad of reporting requirements, and to individual expatriates.